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Silkroad Online
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Silkroad Online

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Publisher: Joymax

Silkroad Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with a unique and innovative PvP/Profession System. While newcomers to the genre will find the lacking tutorial and limited gameplay features difficult to grasp, veterans may find Silkroad Online to be a very rewarding experience with its unique skill advancement and class system.
Silkroad Online offers little in the way of character customization, with only two available races (Asian and European) but makes up for this with the ability to access over 13 different classes. Players begin by choosing a weapon and armor type, customizing their characters to their individual liking, before later choosing a mastery with a pre-determined set of skills, spells and abilities. The innovative PvP/Profession system is a standout feature, allowing PvP fans to get involved in  several different forms of player vs player combat.
The Silkroad is a living and breathing game world unlike other MMORPG’s which have stale content. On the Silkroad, the constant life that you observe through the trades and challenges brought from it forming various bonds, goals, and dreams giving the Silkroad a world full of life. Players have to find their own path by choosing the ideal job and develop their characters accordingly. Become a Merchant, Hunter or Thief and carve your destiny in the large world of Silkroad. The dynamic animations are the result of advanced techniques that provide beautiful and smooth visuals.


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