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Wildstar Gold
Wildstar Gold Gold



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UI Language: English
Platform: PC
Publisher: Carbine Studios


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Wildstar is a Science Fiction MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCsoft. Carbine Studios features mostly former developers of the genre's vanguard game World of Warcraft who have brought their knowledge, own ideas and countless innovations into the production of Wildstar. NCsoft has already published several MMORPGs of merit, like Guild Wars 2.
In Wildstar, players end up on the planet Nexus which was once inhabited by a very advanced and powerful race that eventually disappeared for unknown reasons. The colorful comic-like graphics remind of WoW and many other MMORPGs that use a similar visual style. A special feature of Wildstar is the choice of a so-called path that makes sure players will be able to use their favored playstyle and experience the ideal contents.


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