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The Economic View of WOW,the Little Game responds the Big Society [2015-2-27]


Everybody must be not strange to the economic view of World of Warcraft. From the value of WOW mounts, we can see wow gold. In the early days of WOW, the mount is not a skill but a product, and it can be destroyed. Now, the mount has become a item in the study. And the ‘unexpected’ missing is no longer happened to us. The integration of ladder ( provides players with convenient. However, it makes the use of gold declined. As we all know, from WLK version, Blizzard adds gold group which makes the number of gold coins grow exponentially. In CTM gold group, a piece of equipment needs 2w gold coins, so if the whole copy is completed, there would be hundreds of thousands of coins. What’s more, the number of maximum level players is increasing, so as the gold group. If those players fight with gold group, the gold would have no value. The gold date is greater the more date overflow. Aiming at this problem, Blizzard opens a black-market in MOP version. Although a lot of gold coins has been recovered, it is still hard to suppress the gold growth. In the mind of Blizzard, the game is the epitome of reality. The more gold have the more easily produce inflation. Some players who have a lot of gold do not have demand, some players who do not have enough gold to buy equipment which make them away from keyboard. So curbing inflation has become a very important thing. Blizzard uses lack-market to control the flow of gold quantity. That is the same as the national macroeconomic regulation and control in real economy. If the game has a stable situation, the players would not be away from keyboard.