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As Life, Memories Cantabile - Four Out of Print World Events [2015-3-2]


Opening the Dark Portal
The storm come in 2007 has given a deep impress to the players. The doom lord Kazzak opened the Dark Portal again which made the players involve in attacking the Outland war directly. At that moment, Land of the Damned and Helfire Penisula had already littered with corpses. Whenever seeing the dark portal shirt in backpack, the earlier players are always a unforgettable memories. 
On the Eve of the Invasion of Elements 
The players who experienced this event must have deep impression. On the eve of CTM version, there were a large number of elements emerging World of Warcraft. The main city of Union renamed to Stormwind. As the same as Orgrimmar, a large number of elements of elements invaded in Stormwind. Kane and Mcgonagll, died off. Untill Bain and Muratin led the players successively make trough three copies, they could know the truth behind their death. It’s pity that I have no experienced wow gold. It is still fun to think about. 
The Invasion of Steel 
On the eve of Draenor, the Steel tribe was across the Dark Portal and attacked Blasted Lands. With an army scored the Blackrock Mountain. Soon, this army incorporated the Blackstone orcs remained which made the Blackrock Spire upper renovation. Hellscream eventually succeeded in breaking prison with the help of Keino and Razo. All of the players won’t forget it. What make us most unforgettable is the reward---a fantastic motorcycle.
The 10th Anniversary of the Molten Core
Another just past world event is the the 10th anniversary of the molten core. Perhaps Blzzard is aware of the molten core’s classification, perhaps Blizzard want to the earlier players experience Raid again. So the Molten Core is designed with 100 levels. Although it is not difficult to play, sorts of the oddballs gone on patrol make a lot of trouble to the players. After several hours fighting, the players get a good helmet and a huge mount as a reward is satisfied.