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Who will be the BOSS of Next Version? [2015-3-11]


Thirty-five years ago, the rise of Steel Tribe makes the quiet Dreanor fragment. Then who will be the next version BOSS? Let me show you a analysis. 
NO.1 Sargeras
As the chief of the Burning Legion, he used a variety of cruel means to invaded Azeroth. He attacked Azeroth over and over again, and he failed in attacking over and over again. His man Archimonde is died with elves. Kil’jaeden was bitted back by the players when he climbed ouf of the Sun Well. The powerful Burning Legion had not got anything in the process of invasion of Azeroth. What’s more, the transfer opened by inducing Medivh was broken in the end. Maybe, this is a good chance for revenge for him.
NO.2 Queen Azshara
The master of the high elves has the formidable magic. Even Kael’thas Sunstrider has to address her queen. In TBC version, all the players think that they will meet this queen in Viper temple. However, what surprised the players is that they have not met the queen but her maid Vashj.WOW Gold is only a maid who has enough power to fend off the players out of the dark temple. In CTM version, the players had though that they would be fight with the queen in Gas Gill. However, the result is as the same as in TBC version. If we come back to thirty-five years ago, the Gorgon is likely to appear in front of us. 
NO.3 Titan
Lord of creation discarded Azeroth under the Burning Legion and Undead and just left four guardian dragons to maintain the world peace. A copy called Odaman in wasteland where we had the honor of the first glimpse of the Lord of creation. So in the next version, the final BOSS is probably Titan.