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The Lonely Heroes of WOW [2015-3-18]


In the normal time line, his wife Rulkan has passed away early. Because of his miss and love for his deceased wife made him fall into the Kil’jaeden’s trap. 
As we all know, he is villainy, but in fact, he is an old bachelor. He has put all his effort into pursuing power. Maybe WOW Gold is time-wasting for him to be in love. 
Varok Sarufall
In my opinion, Sarufll, the fate of the family is too bad. After his son died in the door of the scourge, his niece Sora Sarufll is his only sibling in the world. 
Why Voljin is loyal to the tribal established by Thrall? Perhaps because he is single, what he possessed is only the big family. After he lost his son, constructing a new tribe became his only goal in the rest of his life. 
Rosemar Theron
Someone said that Leah Delin was his gossip girl. But at present, in the eyes of the players he is still a bachelor. 
Garrosh Hellscream
He comes from a rural of outland. He has seen much unhappiness in his life. What regretted is that he is still a bachelor in the end of his life.  
Gro Marsh?Hellscream
He had a war with ogre when he was youthful. At that battle, he failed miserably. May people died, and his wife was also seriously injured. In his wife dying, he chose to end his wife’s life. Although he was sad and feel sorry for it, he still finished his wife’s life in the end.