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Garrosh start to step onto the stage of history[2015-10-16]


Element invaded and Azeroth was restlessness,so Thrall have to leave Horde to find the way to cure the earth. At that moment,the most important thing is to chose a new chief. Ignoring the against of Kane Bloodhoof and Eitrigg Thrall select Garrosh Hellscream as the chief. He looks forward to recovering the original glory and bringing more wow gold by the leader of Garrosh.


The fact proves that his decision is completely wrong, which can be called the biggest mistake he took in his first half life. As long as Garrosh took office,he made spat with VolJin. Then he killed Kaine by stepping in Magasa’s trap. He was forced to be attacked by forgotten people which made Horde a heavy loss and unrest. What is more,he started a lot of battles,in the front of Deathwing,the Horde and alliance had to suffer heavy casualties in the conflict. In the eyes of him, he represent the Horde’will,only conquer Azeroth,can he be a qualified chief. He is eager to prove himself,but what he did make Horde suffer a huge losses,even a crack.


There are a small episode. Thrall was captured by seven military of union when he went out to maelstrom. Unfortunately, he was saved by Rust Water Goblins. When he gave Garrosh a badge of seven military ,Garrosh’s face suddenly turned white and his body was trembling with fear. Whether Garrosh disclosed Thrall’s track? If so, what is his purpose? All this have no follow-up revealed.


Garrosh has gradually deviated from his glory, although in Stonetalon,he thrown a civilian off  the cliff in public and although he was painful for their Horde was eroded by evil energy,he is no longer quest his decision and he has become conceited. The several consultant Thrall left him already can not stop his behavior of gw2 gold.